Having just been in a car accident myself, it made me realize how traumatic the whole experience is for my clients. So I thought a quick primer would be useful.

The first thing to do in any car accident is to contact the police and 911. Secondly, if in fact you have any injuries, you should absolutely seek medical attention immediately. Please remember that although many injuries may not appear or appear to be minor, make sure to check yourself for symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, ringing in your ears, blurred vision, problems with short-term memory or concentration, personality impacts or changes such as quick to anger.

The next thing to do would be to contact us, your attorneys. The navigation of Michigan’s no-fault law is difficult, and it is not the insurance companies role to explain to you all of the benefits that you have a right to receive. Remember, Michigan no-fault insurance benefits can include medical costs, mileage for travel to and from your medical appointments, wage loss, replacement services, and potentially even attendant care benefits. Our office can assist you in utilizing those automatic benefits right from day one coordinating any health care necessities for you and your family, at no cost to you.

Furthermore, depending on who is at fault for the accident, you may have available options against the driver of the vehicle you are riding in or the driver of the vehicle who was at fault of the accident and those options should be evaluated by a lawyer with familiarity in these types of situations. Immediate contact with our office will allow us  help you gather your available policies and determine what rights you have available to you. So if you, your loved one, or friend have been in an accident, please contact our office to help you review your available options. Please be aware that there are timelines that require you to seek assistance during that time period or forever lose some of those available options.