I have been reading in the newspaper, as well as in other attorneys and insurance companies blogs, everyone’s discussions about Michigan’s new no-fault law.  But what I’m hearing most are many citizens,through my clients and friends, wondering what really the changes are and what really they mean to them. The average citizen seems to really be at their wits end with regard to what theses substantial and very significant changes are and how it will affect every driver in Michigan.

The truth of the matter is there are many changes that will impact every driver and the insurance companies, and no blog has the ability to thoroughly discuss all of these changes. So the first advice is to schedule an appointment with your insurance agent to discuss your current policy and how the changes will impact your current coverage and what your options will be under the new policy. What we want our client’s to know or to be concerned with is to completely understand their no-fault PIP choice. While it is true that drivers will no longer be required to purchase unlimited no-fault Michigan PIP benefits. It may or may not be the best idea for you.

More changes that could affect our clients include the ability now to sue for excess medical benefits. Under the new Michigan no-fault law, a person injured in car accident can sue for excess medical costs and economic expenses that exceed the PIP cap amount they have chosen, but everyone should be aware that the amount of coverage available may be impacted by the amount of insurance policy coverage that the negligent driver has. Also among major changes in the new no-fault law in Michigan is a new definition of “a serious impairment of body function” in order to meet the threshold to be able to sue for pain and suffering compensation.

In the event that you or a loved one are involved in a car accident, please contact our office so that you can be sure that your attorneys are up to date with regard to the new Michigan no-fault law and to be sure that you receive the best possible resolution.