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Legal Help For Your Family

“You don’t have to live in a toxic environment that someone else created.”

Legal challenges within your own family are some of the most personal issues you will ever face, as well as the most difficult. As you navigate the end of a marriage, it is normal to be overwhelmed by strong feelings on an almost daily basis. The emotional toll is significant.

At Gentry Nalley, PLLC, our attorneys understand that you are going through one of the hardest times in your life. We will give you the steady guidance you need to move forward with confidence in this difficult phase of life. Families in Howell have trusted us for a long time. We look forward to earning your trust as well.

Our Services

We provide a host of services to our clients in the realm of family law. Some of the most common issues we address include:

  • Divorce: People can make the decision to end their marriage after a few years or after a few decades. We have successfully navigated both.
  • Property Division: Determining who should get what is often a central question during a divorce. While Michigan is a so-called “equitable distribution” state, which means that property division might not be an exact 50-50 split, judges often hew close to that line. We can help prepare for this process.
  • Child Custody: Parenting time is incredibly important. We can help you craft a parenting plan that works for both parties and is reasonable, given your life circumstances.
  • High-Asset Divorce: For high net worth individuals, property division can become more complicated. Our attorneys will examine retirement accounts, investments, secondary real estate, collections and other unique assets.
  • Child Protection Hearings: We represent parents who are in the midst of child protection proceedings. We will advocate for your interests, as well as the child’s best interests.

 Many of these issues can eventually find their way to court, where our trial attorneys are exceedingly capable. However, we can also find alternative solutions without litigation, depending on the circumstances.

Dependable Guidance In Difficult Times

We know how hard family issues can be. That is why we will always listen deeply as we craft a legal solution that is tailored to your specific situation. We have cared for many Michigan families in this way. Reach out to find out how we can help you.

Our legal team can be reached through our online contact form, or else you can call our office: 517-258-9769.