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Justice For The Injured

“Turn your set back into a come back.”

If you are like most people, you have probably avoided the legal world whenever possible. Unfortunately, getting into a car accident or breaking your arm on someone else’s property can change that in an instant. Suddenly, you are faced with legal rules, statutes and jargon while you are still trying to recover from your injuries. That is a difficult situation to be in.

At Gentry Nalley, PLLC, we will help you see past the frustrating legal terms and deal with the essence of your situation. We will answer two basic questions:

  • Did someone else’s negligence cause your injury?
  • If so, what are your options for getting the compensation you need to recover?

Injuries can be extremely expensive, and sometimes they change your life forever. As a firm with decades of experience in Howell, we are committed to helping you heal in the best way possible.

The Injuries We Address

We can help you pursue settlements for a wide variety of injuries. Some of these involve:

  • Injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents, such as broken bones, spinal cord trauma, organ damage and cognitive impairment
  • Slip-and-fall accidents in areas that should have been safe but were not
  • Dog bites that cause tissue or nerve damage
  • Commercial trucking accidents that stem from a company’s negligence

This list is far from comprehensive. Please contact us with further questions about your situation.

Protecting You From The Insurance Company

After an injury, many people assume that insurance companies will willingly cover all the expenses they are supposed to. Unfortunately, insurance companies have a strong financial incentive to give you less than you deserve, since many people will not push back.

We will not let them take advantage of you. As strong legal advocates, we will not rest until you have a fair settlement that covers not only your present costs but future ones as well. This includes medical bills, lost wages, job retraining, and pain and suffering. Many cases settle before they go to trial, but we have decades of experience in the courtroom and will put that to use if necessary. Our goal is to obtain justice for you.

We Will Take Your Side

When it comes to personal injury settlements, time is of the essence. Before you accept anything from the insurance company — or even talk with them — you should talk with us first. That will ensure that you are treated fairly. Otherwise, the insurance adjuster will try to use your words against you.

Please get in touch with us as soon as you can. You can send us an email or call our office: 517-258-9769.